He was born in May 1966 in Prague. As a teenager, he was a rock guitar player but he began turning away from playing guitar and focused his creativity in another direction. In the late 1980s he began to paint. At first he was an amateur but gradually he became completely captivated by painting art. He admires masters of surrealism however he found his own specific style. The music is closely connected with his painting. As he says “Life without music loses its meaning”. He is inspired by the works of excellent rock musicians such as Joe Satriani, Glen Hughes, Rush, Uriah Heep and others. Mitwally contents “When you are listening to Satriani, your hands move along with the music as you paint.”


  • 1998 Prague
  • 2000 Prague
  • 2004 Karlovy Vary


  • Prague – U zlatého beránka
  • Prague – A.D. galerie
  • Brno – Galerie Dílo
  • Plzen – Galerie Carson